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Our Sure Swing Studio houses 3 large bays with simulators, each one able to provide the ideal location for golf no matter the weather. A great addition to your society day or general practice. 

Fantastic relaxed setting

Our Sure Swing Studio provides a relaxed setting for budding golfers and complete beginners. Our vision sets golfers of any ability free in our indoor space to hone their games or to practice for the very first time. All bays can be set up regardless of experience meaning friends of all levels can play side by side – great for social events, corporate days or team building.

With over 190 courses to choose from, such as Celtic Manor 2010, Carnoustie, Pebble Beach, to name just a few, will be the backdrop for golfers to test their games on the latest, most state of the art indoor golf software available.

The golf simulator has all of the following game modes:

Play on the course
Driving range
Nearest the pin
Longest drive
Bunker and short game practice
Putting challenges

What is TrackMan?

TrackMan is a doppler-based radar that can measure, among other things, your swing path in relation to your target and the angle of your club face in relation to your swing path. Arguably, it is these two factors that have the greatest impact on the starting direction of your golf ball, and where it ultimately ends up.

So there’s a common misconception that TrackMan is only a tool for professional players to use, but that’s certainly not the case.

TrackMan provides accurate, real-time data and graphics on your ball’s launch conditions, flight, and landing. It can measure (among a whole host of other things) swing speed, club path, face angle, launch angle, spin and distance. For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus mainly on club path and face angle. Feedback direct to the APP on your phone allows access to your performance data and progress for every shot you hit.

Play world famous courses

Play 18 holes with friends on the most realistic indoor gaming experience available, TrackMan’s virtual golf 2. Wentworth, St.Andrews, Valderama plus many more world famous courses are all available to play whenever you like as a Studio member.

Enter regulation competitions

We will run regular competitions throughout the year at The Studio for our members. TrackMan combine open, golfer of the year and monthly golf comps, to name a few are open to all members to compete in and gain bragging rights against your colleagues.

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